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I receive this all the time saying I won ex amount of dollors and I would receive my money if I send 20.00 dollors I send my money and I never receive my winnings why do they let people like that do what they do Add comment

This people cleaned me out with all my money every penny I had I said it to themm I last my family I lost my house for this people now I leave in a one bedroom apartment when I bad my 4 bedroom house this people are *** trash. Don't send nothing to them this is me now in the streets are there going to pay me back,I dont think so Read more

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I've been dealing with these *** for over a year. Nothing but a scam. These non English speaking *** are harassing me and calling my phone. I've sent money in before when it first happened in hopes that it was real but I have yet to receive anything but more mail asking for "another 5 dollars" or to "pay the taxes on it" so I can win my money. There is no money. Don't waste your time. I have... Read more

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i recieved letter in mail saying i won 12 mil.i being a dummy sent the 5 dollars no money come in .i think this is a fraud and will repory to BBB and ph no 4097674904 contact me before i report this noel Add comment

I receive at least 1 to 2 of these several times per month telling me to send in just $5 and I could be eligible to win over $12 million dollars. Then I am harassed over the phone by some *** that cannot even speak English or any other language. Telling me I have won but I need to pay the taxes on it first. I cussed one man out and told him to never call again that I had not entered any... Read more

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You have for the last time taken avantage of people !!! You haven't heard the last about this and ripping people off for 5.00 every time you turn around. Your a "very low, person / company for doing this too people Read more

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I sent in some money to get money from these bullshyt *** people I have gave them my money I dont know how many times but $5 adds up really quick and I can use that to buy my *** child some milk im already doing bad I did it thinking that in return I would get some money fit going through all the work to get a paper processed and fir then to send be another paper asking me for more money I want... Read more

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I have sent you $5. How many times. When can I get my $35.00 back? Add comment

I received the prize claim letter,too. I did not respond to this claim form. What I read is that its a request for eligibility to win. I did not win the $12,000,000. This is a good way to get your check with the account number and routing number. They have your name and address. Plus maybe your phone number is on the check. Ok, just be careful. These days are scam-days. *** artist are all over... Read more

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