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I have had the worst year of my life. Missed out on winning several seeepstakes due to hackung of my accounts. Didnt get notificatuons to confirm till to late. I wS really hoping that i had a guardian angel that was giving me a second chance. At least im happy that i found out about the scam. Spent an entire day trying to find the form they said they sent. I never received it.

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I've been dealng with. Sweepstake Audit bureau. More than a year it's time to send me literature it explains that I have a chance to win 12 million dollars and I sent $5 after more than a year I still haven't received anything else so that lets me know something's not right with this company is scamming people..

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I called to have a name removed from the mailing list due to a death - they want a death certificate in order to remove a name from a sweepstakes mailing list!!! Are you kidding??? Not going to send you any personal information!!!! Sweepstakes Audit Bureau, PO Box 549012, Dallas, TX 75354 Remove from your mailing list Lila Toyne 5051 7th Street NE Minneapolis, MN 55421 I will not send in a death certificate to have a name removed from a... Read more

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Hello,i personal,called this company after l gotten seven notices in the mail l am looking for my big checkthat was promise to me sofar l have given you all 25.00dollars at total of five dollars a turn around witch all l have to show for my money is a nother bill asking for more money well l am here too inform you all if l donot see my big monies that was prromise to me l will be forse to turn you all intoo the police and tell the post master of... Read more

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When you didn't enter the sweepstakes and all of a sudden this sweepstakes letter shows up you know it is a fraud just one of your processing fee of $5

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I have received many of these letters. I must 1 time I did send the requested $12.50 to the author of the letter in a U.S. postal money order. I suppose I could track it back but I think I've learned my lesson. Sweepstakes cost nothing to enter nor do you have to purchase anything to receive the reward. THOSE ARE THE RULES !!!!! If anyone is going to give you millions of dollars, you know there would be tax forms to accept & sign immediately... Read more

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I just got one of those letters and I don't fall for them so I decided to look it up on the internet and found this site. It sure would fool someone who isn't in tune with scams as it does look very official. I hope more people don't fall for it and they get caught. Would really like to be able to track where it goes back to but I am sure mail box is just a drop site for an overseas address. (Nigeria probably). I have gotten many scams in the... Read more

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