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I to receive a letter from these people, but not thinking that it wasn.t.t real, I sent a check for $5 to them what can I do.Document # 8582-8653-3394-TSIF.From L Brady.This letter states that I will win 12,000.000 dollars.

I really fill bad about the I don.t want to be a victim of Identity theft, tell me what to do. Should I put a stop on the check. Or should I contact authority. These people should be put in jail for ripping of people like this.

An investigator should get involved.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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I got one of those letters also.I was real tempted to reply.

With other sweepstakes wanting twice that, I thought this might be worth the $5. However, after reading different discussions decided it was a very bad idea, Glad I checked it out first.

Thanks guy an gals.California says good luck in the future.

Warsaw, Virginia, United States #705865

Just got a letter yesterday... I'm glad I found this site they won't be getting my $5...Thank u guys. :grin


I've learned , after listening to the news, reporet via online , etc.that if someone asks for money for any reason, then it is definitely a scam or fake, dependimng how you would like to define these peoples.

I received the same letter asking for five dollars and first , I alweays check online to see if others hAVEalso gotten the same letter.

After I find this out , I file it under chapter thirteen(the waste basket).Never send money for winnings, that is the telltale sign of a ripoff.

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