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Beware of a scam that claims you have to send $5 for a Research and Data fee to win $12,000,000.

It has a return address of P.O.Box 549012 Dallas, TX 75354-9012

Of course there is no phone number.

They make it look real authentic, but don't be fooled, no sweepstakes will EVER make you send money for a research and data fee, what a joke. It's sad that they'd prey on people in these hard times. If you recieve this in the mail, I suggest you report it to your local Postoffice and/or the police.

Scam-companies should be stopped from stealing money from hard working people while they sit back and do nothing but laugh at us.They are criminals and should be punished to the full extent the law allows.

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Received notice of $12,000,000.00, and they want me to send $5.00 processing and data fee. check, cash or money order, really looks real until you see they have a fee.

Lewes, Delaware, United States #1293969

Yep i just got a letter from them on the 24th and i had gotten one long time ago Iam not dum nor *** who gives away that much Cash. Its a Freakin shame to do that to people some get money once or twice a month others work They need to shut those type of Companies down But i write them and i say There are too many Scammers In the World stop sending me letters say i won this or that Who does that Really GOD Dont like a Liar if you gonna send Money Do it Dont Lie its gonna come back to you its not Fare its Wrong so i say please do not write me again if you do im gettin a lawyer And someone who dont know any better they would send a fee Thats so Crazy the way they try to get over on some People.

Vilonia, Arkansas, United States #1293461

I received a letter today as of 02/24/2017 I really can't believe that people can be so cruel something has to be done ASAP


Yes I hv been playing the game for three months. I thought I won!! scammers

Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States #1224103

Wow just received this same letter in the mail.I see comments from 2012 on here.

It's sad these people continue to try to scam people just to make a living...Let us pray for this world


I received the same notice.I will not send them one dime.

you can not win a sweepstakes that you never applied for.These $5 will add up for them they just wait for the money to roll in and then they use your info for more fraud


What can be done to stop these people from filling our mailboxes with this scam.Juke mail.

Almost every day I get some kind if mail say I won thousands of dollars.

If they were legit I would be a millionaire.


Just received the same letter and knew right away this had to be a scam being that I have never signed up for a for anything that promised $12,000,000,00.Just wanted to post so people know this is still happening!

Reporting to my police station and post office today!I sure hope they stop these idiots!

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