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You can tell them to kis off and forget about me. If they do not want to reply o my emails are send me anymor information about winnings then *** them they won my middle finger in their asswholes.

Ripoffs that can die early. I have youtr address *** face I will come down there!!! And get my five dollars and kick your *** for five more!!!

Not only that but you think you are being funny with that *** how smart are you? Well haow smart are you put an x on the letter if you do not think I will come and kick it ***.

I am sick and tired of this *** ad you need to close your doors permanantly because you need help you are grown men whho would rather scam than earn a decent living. No wonder your mothers are so ashamed of you and America would rather seek presidents from other countries, fat belly pigs that have gotten to big for their britches and sit around on your pigtail and eat slop all day. You can just consider my five dollars paid and keep the change, keep every red cent fat ***.

What do you walk around with the cowboy hat and boots all day with the out of date tassels hanging from your chest and pop fried chicken in your mouth with your two boys? Kiss my daiseys

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Reedsville, Pennsylvania, United States #1231905

You just wasted your life writing this paragraph . These people will not read your comments , they are a bunch of africans overseas who send these letters to all 50 states and the thousands of idiots who send the $5 fee are only making these people rich .

Its common sense to know that you are NOT suppose to send money for ANY prize you win . If you have to send money in order to receive a prize that was GIVEN to you for any reason , then it is not a prize and is most likely kniwn as something call a SCAM .


Haha why so angry chill it's five bucks everybody gets scammed at one point in their lives be thankful it wasn't for more. Technically they didn't do anything wrong you willingly sent them your money. Sad but true.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #165140

I too received a letter in the mail from the Sweepstake Audit Bureau which looked quite professional, and official, but that is part of their scheme to deceive thier victims. They asked me to send them $5.00 to process my winnings of over $12,000,000.00.

Of course I DID NOT send them a dime!!! I could smell SCAM all over that letter; especially when they gave me the option to send them cash. You should never, ever send cash in the mail to an unknown source....Ever. They will simply pocket your cash, and then move on to the next unsuspecting victim.

These *** artist prey on the finacially desperate, and on the gullible. Don't be their next victim!!

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