This people cleaned me out with all my money every penny I had I said it to themm I last my family I lost my house for this people now I leave in a one bedroom apartment when I bad my 4 bedroom house this people are *** trash. Don't send nothing to them this is me now in the streets are there going to pay me back,I dont think so

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send all of your information to the united states post office they have a fraud department for people like you who answer ads like this that come in the mail, mine is going to the united states post office along with the other one I got from some thieves called NPF who are in Pleasantville New York and they want $20.00 to process my winnings of 1.2 million dollars. I am sorry this happened to you but with the internet you can check anyone out and I think you are living in fantasy land if you actually sent them money.

Contact the post office maybe they can help you you go online to www.

usps. com and type in fraud then fill out a form and mail it in for free


I also am getting a sweepstake that I won from the Audit Bureau of North America a Wharton that I won 21 thousand but they want me to send them $9 used to be 12 but they want to give me a break and only send them the $9.00dollars in order to qualify I have to respond within 7 days.

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